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machinebouwThe production of machines for specific issues is what we like to do. We handle the entire process from engineering to the product's activation. We do not avoid challenges in solving problems. We have, among other things, built machines that are used in the food industry, shipping and construction.

onderhoudWe also provide maintenance for all kinds of machines. From our broad technical knowledge and experience, we can take care of the maintenance of machines for you and carry out any repairs that are necessary.

constructiewerkWe also carry out construction work. We do this for engineering projects, but also for other diverse projects.


Metalworking, such as milling and turning, is familiar territory for us. We deal with this on a daily basis, and machining is applied in all kinds of areas.


Contact information

J&V Techniek B.V.
Planetenlaan 83A
2957 SM Nieuw-Lekkerland | The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)184-723723